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A company is a huge network. The better the connections are the better it will perform.

WIC connects People, Resources  & Potential  - PRP-, though Sales Process Engenering - SPE- .

The process starts from your Sales & Marketing department.

We create with the present pieces a proffesional sales driven organisation.

 Improvement is learn to change





  Expand your business

 Growth requires to see beyond boundries and horizons.   

WIC is there for Small medium enterprises with emphasis on family owned businesses. Mainfactor is they are driven by passion, internal boundries and external horizons can prevent them from growing.

It is our ambiton to bring them and their company to the next level through:


 Knowledge - Experience - Knowhow


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 The Trainer

Get ahead, Stay ahead!

In order to have the new strategy optimal implemented in your organisation we develop customised training program, preparing your people for future challenges.

We also have open courses for all who want to improve their skills.




Knowledge centre

In our knowledge centre you will find blogs and tips there to stimulate you to learn to change and get you started.  

You will also find updates how we improve ourselves in order to support your company with the latest insights, methodes and more.

It is our ambition to help you improve your business. 


Blog: Customer experience in the digital era

Tips: How to provide Customer experience



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